About Us

We’re an organization committed to supporting voters via our arrays of projects and services. We hope that the right of every voter is essential to you as it is to us. Kindly choose to donate to our projects. But first, read our mission and vision. 

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Our Mission

To eliminate voting barriers, enforce electoral reforms that favor voters and bridge the gap between majority and minority groups during voting registration via technical assistance, advocacy, research, and litigation.

Our Vision

To make voting accessible for all Americans and create a truly democratic nation devoid of systemic oppression for minority groups.

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Gerrymandering isn’t democratic instead it reeks of corruption and nepotism. Our service involves fighting against this unethical political practice. Hence, we seek the fair implementation of the redistricting reform amendment.

Voting Access

We are tirelessly working for every American to cast their votes in the comfort of their homes.

Government Accountability

Our service involves holding the government accountable to the voters. We help ensure that politicians are ethical, transparent, and accountable. 

Clerk Engagement & Advocacy

We also improve access to voting by advocating longer hours for registration and absentee voting during weekends and evenings.

Gender Empowerment

We fight for women to hold political office and to ensure that their votes count.

Abolition of Racism

We want to ensure that all voters get to vote irrespective of their skin color. We desire an inclusive government for all political administration.


What people say about us

I’m glad that I came in contact with Skeptical Voter cause they changed my perception about voting and let me know that it’s my right and I could have a better black society and American nation because of it.



Donating to Skeptical Voter was so personal for me because I had a friend whose life was ended due to electoral violence. I’m thankful to honor their memory through an organization that’s putting my contribution to good use via their projects.

Carol Stephens