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Welcome to Skeptical Voter!

About Skeptical Voter [Edit]

This is the Skeptical Voter Wiki site, which we hope will become a useful resource for tracking UK politicians for their level of commitment to evidence-based policy-making.

Skeptical Voters believe that evidence should be at the centre of all public policy making. This site intends to identify which parliamentary candidates embrace the use of evidence as a means to inform their decisions and which prefer to obfuscate, ignore or suppress the evidence for political convenience.

View Parliamentary candidate responses to our survey.

Featured Politician[Edit]

Sarah Wollaston is the Conservative MP for Totnes. A former GP, she has criticised her own party on health issues including cigarette packaging and alcohol pricing – in each case using scientific evidence as the basis for her arguments. She has also campaigned for greater availability of pharmaceutical trial data.

More Profiles of Politicians[Edit]

Selected Government Ministers and their Labour Shadows:

Skeptical Contents[Edit]

Participate in Skeptical Voter [Edit]

  • Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
  • E-Mail politicians to ask their opinions on evidence-based policy.
  • Check MPs voting record and other details on and edit their page to add them!
  • Search the media for mentions of MPs and candidates for their positions on issues.
  • Use your own brilliant ideas to find out about what each MP and candidate thinks - but make sure you can back them up with a citation!

Here is a list of current MPs in the Wiki. If you notice anything that needs changing then go ahead and edit!