Building a Better Future


Our duty involves strengthening democracy and nonpartisan government to ensure that all Americans irrespective of their political party, race, gender, and social class enjoy the dividends of a good government.


Skeptical Voter educates people with less privileged backgrounds, eligible to vote, about how to register to vote and how to vote in their states. We also teach them about taking action against bribery and corruption which stands in the way of societal progress.

Young people voting

Support for True Democracy

We are fighting to empower people to be instrumental in the country’s decision making. Citizens must become partakers of referendums.


Campaign for the Exercise of Voting Rights

Many adults (18 and above) are yet to participate in the electoral process. We embark on a yearly campaign to sensitize the public about their need to vote.

Group of Voters Standing in Row



Group Attending Neighborhood Voting In Community Center

Voter's Guides

This project helps to link voters with nonpartisan provincial voter guides for knowledgeable voting.

Revitalizing Voter Registration

Our revitalizing voter registration project includes funding best practices for improving voters’ registration to ensure voters can register online.

Man voting in face mask
People waiting in line to vote in voting booths during an election.

Election Toolkit

We are funding an election toolkit to make the works of election officials easier while serving voters. The toolkit features an app that gauges voter holdup, guide to voting, and display electoral results.