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Yasmin Qureshi is the Labour MP for Bolton South East. She entered Parliament at the 2010 general election, the previous MP, Brian Iddon (Labour), having stepped down.


In January 2016, Ms Qureshi signed Early Day Motion 885: NHS Liverpool CCG Consultation on Homeopathy. The motion had been proposed by David Tredinnick and stated:

That this House notes the public consultation currently being carried out by NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on provision of homeopathic services in Liverpool; expresses concern that this consultation is being undertaken following reported threats of legal action; welcomes the result of the survey carried out at the CCG stakeholders meeting on 4 December 2015 which showed that 90 per cent of stakeholders wanted to either maintain the service at its current levels of funding or remove the cap with no maximum level; acknowledges that doctors often refer patients for homeopathy as a last, not first resort, when conventional treatments have failed to help or where patients have contraindications from pharmaceutical drugs; further notes that patient surveys and MYMOP scores (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) have showed positive responses; believes that individual doctors should be able to use their professional judgement to decide what treatments are appropriate for their patients; and urges NHS Liverpool CCG to listen to local patients, doctors and other stakeholders and maintain homeopathic services for patients in Liverpool.[1]

Same-Sex Marriage

Yasmin Qureshi voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at its third reading in May 2013[2].


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