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Winston McKenzie is the 2015 UKIP Parliamentary candidate in Croydon North, where he also stood in the 2012 by-election. He previously stood for election as a UKIP candidate in Tottenham in the 2010 general election, and in Croydon and Sutton and as a list candidate in the 2012 London Assembly election.

LGBT Rights

On adoption by same-sex couples and same-sex marriage:

(Note that this was in the context of recent reports that Labour-run Rotherham council had removed three young children from their foster parents because the couple were UKIP members. Hence UKIP members were talking a lot about adoption and foster parents.)

Quoted in article:

"I've nothing against gays. I wouldn't attack a man or a woman because of their sexuality. They have fought very hard for the rights I have seen come to the fore and that says a lot for some of them.
"But personally, as a deeply religious person, I don't advocate gay marriage. For thousands of years we have had marriage between a man and a woman.
"To suddenly introduce gay marriage would be an insult to some gay people. I know a few gay people and they are really not bothered. They aren't concerned. For most of the general public it's not a big issue."

Seems to be confirmed by tweets on campaign Twitter account e.g. "Gay fine, not gay adopt or marry"

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