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West Scotland (prior to 2011 West of Scotland) is one of eight electoral regions for the Scottish Parliament.


The West Scotland region is made up of the following constituencies:

List MSPs

The current regional list MSPs, elected in May 2011, are:


General Election 2011

The major parties' list candidates in the May 2011 Scottish Parliament elections were:


  1. Stewart Maxwell
  2. Kenneth Gibson
  3. Derek MacKay
  4. Gil Paterson
  5. Fiona McLeod
  6. Stuart McMillan
  7. Osama Saeed
  8. Andy Doig
  9. Iain Robertson
  10. Iain White
  11. Ronnie McColl


  1. Mary Fee
  2. Neil Bibby
  3. Margaret McDougall
  4. Gordon McKay
  5. Linda Miller
  6. Manjinder Shergill
  7. Sam Mullin


  1. Annabel Goldie
  2. Jackson Carlaw
  3. Maurice Golden
  4. Stephanie Fraser
  5. Alistair Haw
  6. Graham Smith
  7. Alistair Campbell
  8. Gordon McCaskill

Liberal Democrat:

  1. Ross Finnie
  2. Gordon Macdonald
  3. Eileen McCartin
  4. Ashay Ghai
  5. Simon Hutton
  6. Ruby Kirkwood
  7. John Duncan

Scottish Green:

  1. Steen Parish
  2. Nina Baker
  3. Hasan Nowarah
  4. Grace McCarthy
  5. Ben Thomson
  6. Duncan Toms

Prior to 2011 General Election

Prior to the 2011 election, the West of Scotland region was made up of the following constituencies:


List MSPs were:

Liberal Democrat:

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