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Vicky Ford is a Conservative Party Member of the European Parliament for East of England. She entered the European Parliament in 2009.

Research Funding

In 2012, Ms Ford edited a document on the effects of the new Horizon 2020 EU funding programme on research and industry in the UK:

She was also involved in negotiations to finalise the Horizon 2020 fund:

Genetically Modified Crops

In January 2014, Ms Ford posted an article on her blog about genetically modified crops. She wrote "I don’t believe that every genetic alteration should be given a blanket approval - just like you won't give every possible genetic treatment in human medicine a blanket approval", before listing as examples of GMOs we should encourage, "Golden Rice", blight-resistant potatoes, aphid-resistant wheat, tomatoes containing antioxidants (Ed: though the health benefits of eating antioxidants are debatable) and gluten-free wheat.[1]



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