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Susan Hinchcliffe was the 2010 Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Shipley.


Do you support the use of public funds to provide unproven health products such as homeopathy?

I'm keen that we prioritise funding for drugs which are proven to have health benefits. No proof, no funding. (reply 12th April 2010 via twitter[1])

Climate Change

Responding to an enquiry from a constituent about climate change in March 2010, Hinchcliffe wrote that "Most of the world’s “natural” disasters are caused by climate change and it is an absolute imperative that we tackle this. There is lots more still to do and I was disappointed in Copenhagen. However we have to push ahead with our commitments as part of the EU on carbon reductions."[2]

Skeptical Voter Questions

A constituent sent Hinchcliffe a set of questions similar to the Skeptical Voter Candidate Survey, and recorded the responses on his blog[3].



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