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Steven Agnew is the leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland and a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for North Down. He entered the Assembly at the May 2011 election.

Same-Sex Marriage

In October 2012, Mr Agnew proposed a private member's motion on marriage equality. It stated:

That this Assembly believes that all couples, including those of the same sex, should have the right to marry in the eyes of the state and that, while the rights of religious institutions to define, observe and practise marriage within their beliefs should be given legal protection, all married couples, including those of the same sex, should have the same legal entitlement to the protections, responsibilities, rights, obligations and benefits afforded by the legal institution of marriage; calls on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to introduce legislation to guarantee that couples of any sex or gender identity receive equal benefit; and further calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to ensure that all legislation adheres to the Government's commitments to protect equality for all.[1]

Genetically Modified Organisms

Tabled motion in February 2013:



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