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Stephen Morris was the 2015 English Democrat candidate for Monmouth. He has previously stood as a candidate for North West England in the 2014 European Parliament elections, for Salford and Eccles in the 2010 general election, and for Oldham East and Saddleworth in the 2011 by-election.

Skeptical Voter Questionnaire Response 2010

Stephen Morris was sent the questions prior to the 2010 general election.

[1. Do you support the use of NHS money to provide unproven health products such as homeopathy?]

1) As the question states "Unproven" then I can only say no to NHS money being used on "Unproven" products.

[2. Should schools be allowed to teach creationism as an equivalent theory to evolution?]

2) I agree that schools should be allowed to teach all theories only then can our children begin to learn about all the possibilities of us being here.

[3. Do you believe that religious belief should be legally protected from ridicule?]

3) I believe in freedom of speech but you have to respect some ones belief, only education will stop people ridiculing religion.

[4. Should an independent government adviser whose views in their area of expertise conflict with government policy be able to express those views publicly?]

4) Yes they should express those views otherwise they are not Independent.

[5. Should religious courts such as Sharia and Beth Din be recognised as alternative systems within UK law?]

5) I do not want religious courts we should abide by the law of the land, the same as we would have to do when in other countries.

[6. Do you agree that testing on animals (within strict criteria) is a necessary part of the development of medicines?]

6) I prefer that no testing is done on animals however we have had medicines brought about from testing which have saved many human and animal lives and would have to say only when all other avenues have been researched first.

[7. Should policy-makers trust scientific evidence even when it appears counter-intuitive?]

7) If they believe that the evidence being submitted by scientists is not correct and scientists have been proven wrong before, then they should engage other scientists and continue with research until they are happy that it is unequivocally correct.

[8. Do you think that abortion time limits should always be determined by the current scientific and medical consensus?]

8) I am not a medical person so I could only rely on medical and scientific information to decide on this so therefore my answer is yes.

[9. Should religious leaders be entitled to vote in the House of Lords?]

9) No - religion should never become involved in politics.

[10. Do you support the reform of English and Welsh libel law to allow a stronger 'public interest' defence?]

10) All English laws need to be reviewed by English MPs sitting in an English Parliament, currently we have Scottish and Welsh MPs dictating English Laws along with European Courts dictating British Laws, Public Interest would be one of the laws reviewed.

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