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South Scotland (prior to 2011 South of Scotland) is one of eight electoral regions for the Scottish Parliament.


The South Scotland region is made up of the following constituencies:

List MSPs

The current regional list MSPs, elected in May 2011, are:

Liberal Democrat:

General Election 2011

The major parties' list candidates in the May 2011 Scottish Parliament elections were:


  1. Christine Grahame
  2. Aileen Campbell
  3. Adam Ingram
  4. Joan McAlpine
  5. Aileen McLeod
  6. Paul Wheelhouse
  7. Chic Brodie
  8. Dave Berry
  9. Aileen Orr


  1. Elaine Murray
  2. Claudia Beamish
  3. Graeme Pearson
  4. Marie Rooney
  5. Gordon McKenzie
  6. Nasim Khan
  7. Kenryck Lloyd-Jones


  1. Derek Brownlee
  2. John Scott
  3. Peter Duncan
  4. Gill Dykes
  5. Grant Fergusson
  6. Colin McGavigan

Liberal Democrat:

  1. Jim Hume
  2. Catriona Bhatia
  3. Ettie Spencer
  4. Joe Rosiejak
  5. Robbie Simpson
  6. Eileen Taylor

Scottish Green:

  1. Alis Ballance
  2. Chris Ballance
  3. Stephanie Johnstone
  4. Eurig Scandrett
  5. Penny Lilley
  6. Graham McLeod
  7. Michael Scott

Prior to 2011 General Election

Prior to the 2011 election, the South of Scotland region consisted of the following constituencies:


List MSPs were:

Liberal Democrat:

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