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Sid Cordle MBE is the leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance. He stood as their candidate in Erith and Thamesmead in the 2010 and 2015 general elections, and in Sheffield Hallam in 2005.

Mr Cordle joined the Conservative Party in 1977 but left after becoming disillusioned by the removal of Iain Duncan Smith and by the party's refusal to allow him to stand as a candidate for Sheffield Hallam because:

It seems that I was too old, white, a Christian, and not a homosexual.[1]

Gay Adoption

In February 2008, Mr Cordle presented a petition - signed by 838 people - to the Council of Sheffield which said:

If ever any children of mine had to be placed into a new family for fostering or adoption I would wish that placement to include both mother and father. Please would the Council take this into consideration when placing children for fostering and adoption.[2]


On the subject of whether creationism should be taught in schools, Mr Cordle said:

Education is about understanding every point of view whether you agree with it or not. Of course schools need to teach both creation and evolution and help children to understand both points of view. If we take a view that this or that should not be taught we are moving from education to propaganda. Personally I am quite certain that the world was created by God. The idea that it happened through a random explosion has no bearing in scientific reality. I would expect this to be taught and also the theroy of the big bang with all its limitations to be taught.[3]

Libel Reform

When asked if he supported the Libel Reform campaign, Mr Cordle responded:

Yes absolutely. The web site says Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, and should only be limited in special circumstances. That is my view precisely.[4]

Alternative Medicine

When asked if complementary and alternative medicines should be funded by the NHS, he said:

If there is scientific evidence thart (sic) they are beneficial, yes. Otherwise no. I am not convinced that all alternative medecines (sic) are a good thing.[5]

Scientific Advice

Mr Cordle disapproved of the Government's decision to sack David Nutt.[6]

Anti-Blasphemy Law

Mr Cordle is generally against the idea of anti-blasphemy legislation. He has said:

I prefer free speech to legal protection, but Elton John is very wrong to say recently that Jesus Christ was a homosexual for no good reason. These sort of statements only encourage those who want legal protection.[7]



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