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Shona Robison is the Scottish National Party MSP for Dundee City East. She entered parliament in 1999.

She was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport in November 2014. She had previously been SNP Spokesperson on Health from 2003 until 2007, and had the Public Health brief from 2007 until 2011.


In 2004/5, during a period when Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital was facing possible cuts, Ms Robison, as opposition health spokesperson, spoke against cuts. In particular, in May 2004 she called on Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm to "intervene in the current crisis facing Scotland's only homeopathic hospital", calling it "a national resource with 60 percent of the hospital's inpatients being from outwith Glasgow"[1]. In May 2005 she welcomed an announcement that the homeopathic in-patient hospital ward was to be saved from cuts, saying in a press release that the "in-patient ward provides vital care to people who are not responding to conventional medicine and the proposed cuts would have had a devastating impact on its patients"[2].

It should be noted that Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital provides services other than homeopathy. However in the above statements Ms Robison made references to the provision of alternative medicine and homeopathy.


In 2009, as Minister for Public Health, responding to record abortion statistics:

"It is disappointing that there has been a rise in the number of abortions carried out in Scotland.
"Education has a key role to play, which is why we are working with parents, schools and NHS Health Scotland to provide additional support and information around relationships and sexual health.
"As part of this, we're developing a marketing campaign, supported by a national website, for the adult population which will focus on encouraging people to talk to their partner about their sexual health."[3]


Meningitis vaccination, June 2015:



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