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The Scottish National Party (SNP) is a centre-left political party in Scotland which campaigns for Scottish independence.

The current leader is Nicola Sturgeon.

2017 General Election Manifesto

The 2017 Manifesto can be downloaded from:

FullFact manifesto launch factcheck:

Letter from leader Nicola Sturgeon to Campaign for Science and Engineering:

Manifesto analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies:

Carbon Brief manifesto comparison on climate & energy:

Open Rights Group manifesto highlights:

BBC Manifesto Guide:

2015 General Election Manifesto

The 2015 Manifesto can be downloaded from:

The Conversation Manifesto Check:

Campaign for Science and Engineering analysis:

The Royal Society on energy and the environment:…

The Carbon Brief on climate & energy:

Research Fortnight on research and innovation:

British Humanist Association on humanist issues:…

Open Rights Group on surveillance:

Ars Technica on digital policy and science policy

Stance on Skeptical Issues (pre 2015 manifesto)

The 2011 SNP Holyrood manifesto can be read here:

Their 2010 Westminster manifesto can be read here:

Alternative Medicine

In their 2007 Holyrood manifesto[1], the SNP stated (page 35):

Access to alternative therapies such as homeopathy can help improve the quality of life of patients. We will support patient choice in this respect and encourage GPs to do likewise.

However, their 2010 Westminster and 2011 Holyrood manifestos did not appear to mention alternative medicine.

LGBT Rights

In May 2010, SNP leader Alex Salmond answered readers' questions for Pink News[2].

In 2009 the SNP was criticised for failing to act against councillor Kenneth Gunn for his comments on a radio phone-in programme about homosexuality, religion and non-believers[3].

Science and Engineering

Shortly before the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections, the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) looked at policies of the major Scottish parties, including the SNP:



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