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The Science and Technology Select Committee is a Select Committee of the House of Commons.

The original Science and Technology was abolished upon the creation of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee on November 6, 2007. However, just 19 months later, the government announced that it was re-establishing the committee following the recommendation of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee[1] after the merging of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills in June 2009. The House of Commons approved the re-establishment of the committee on June 25, 2009[2]. The committee was officially re-established on October 1, 2009 and has a remit to examine the work of the Government Office for Science.


Current Membership

Source: Parliament Website

Membership Prior to 2015 General Election

Source: Parliament Website

Membership Prior to 2010 General Election

Shortly after the re-establishment of the committee, it was announced that the membership of the committee would be the same as the outgoing Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Select Committee.[3]

The membership of the committee prior to the May 2010 general election was:

Member Party Constituency
Phil Willis MP, (Chair) Liberal Democrat Harrogate and Knaresborough
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP Labour City of Durham
Tim Boswell MP Conservative Daventry
Ian Cawsey MP Labour Brigg and Goole
Nadine Dorries MP Conservative Mid-Bedfordshire
Vacant[nb 1] Vacant Vacant
Dr Evan Harris MP Liberal Democrat Oxford West and Abingdon
Dr Brian Iddon MP Labour Bolton South East
Gordon Marsden MP Labour Blackpool South
Bob Spink MP Independent Castle Point
Ian Stewart MP Labour Eccles
Graham Stringer MP Labour Manchester Blackley
Dr Desmond Turner MP Labour Brighton Kemptown
Rob Wilson MP Conservative Reading East
  1. One committee seat was vacant following the resignation of Ian Gibson MP in June 2009.


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