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Ruth Davidson is a Conservative list MSP for the Glasgow region. She entered the Scottish Parliament at the May 2011 general election, having also stood as a constituency candidate for Glasgow Kelvin. She had previously stood for election in the Glasgow North East UK constituency.

In November 2011 she was elected leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland.

Faith Schools

In October 2011, Ms Davidson was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland and spoke in favour of faith schools, both existing, mainly Roman Catholic, schools and potential Church of Scotland schools. Her principal reason was that they offer choice to parents, though she also indicated that they use the basis of their teachings to provide a "moral compass".[1]

Same-Sex Marriage

Ms Davidson was one of a number of Conservative Party politicians to sign a December 2012 letter to the Telegraph in support of same-sex marriage. It also noted:

"We feel strongly that religious freedom must be protected. This means that religious groups should be allowed to conduct same sex marriages if they choose, but equally none should be compelled to do so."[2][3]



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