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Rhodri Glyn Thomas is the Plaid Cymru member of the Welsh Assembly for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr. He entered the Assembly at its creation in 1999.

Homeopathy/Alternative Medicine

In 2000, Mr Thomas asked the following question of then Assembly Health Minister Jane Hutt:

Does Jane Hutt intend to develop the provision of homeopathy services in Wales?[1]

In 2004 Mr Thomas was quoted in a BBC report on alternative medicine in the NHS:

"We welcome the consideration of a pilot scheme for offering complementary medicine on the NHS.
"Some complementary therapies do have a role alongside orthodox medicine. However, we should ensure a structure is put in place to ensure the NHS can check there is proper training and regulation of the practitioners involved."[2]

In June 2012 Mr Thomas had the following dialogue with Minister for Health and Social Services Lesley Griffiths[3]:

Rhodri Glyn Thomas: What discussions has the Minister had with the UK Secretary of State for Health on the availability of homeopathic medication?
Lesley Griffiths: Although health is a devolved matter, the licensing and regulation of medicines are not devolved matters. My officials have been fully consulted by their colleagues in the Department of Health and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency about the changes to the Medicines Act 1968. There has been a dialogue between them.
Rhodri Glyn Thomas: Minister, if these changes were to come to pass, every homeopathic medicine would have to be registered. That would mean that only those who have received medical training and have medical qualifications would be able to prescribe them. That could mean that that was being done by people who had not received any training at all in homeopathy. Are you content with that situation?
Lesley Griffiths: No, and it is something that, as we have this dialogue with the UK Government, we are looking at very closely. I have asked my officials to specifically look at the points you raise.


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