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Peter Shields was a 2010 independent Parliamentary candidate for Bradford East on a radical direct democracy platform.

Skeptical Voter Questionnaire Response

My answers may seem a little obtuse but it is based upon the democratic principles I am standing on.

I am not standing on any personal political viewpoint other but on a direct democracy mandate - where my own opinions on things do not matter. The only relevant belief is that in a representative democracy the elected representative should - to the best of his/her ability - accurately reflect the wishes of his/her constituents. Subject to their being a quorate of 2% of my electorate participating, I would simply reflect the majority opinion. I may or may not choose to advocate a particular opinion on an issue beforehand, but I would always vote according to the wishes of the majority opinion expressed by my constituents. I don't know if that is an evidence based or scientific based enough approach to democracy for you!

The constituency I am standing in contains a relatively high proportion of Muslims and a relatively low level of educational attainment compared to national averages. So I suspect decision making might not be based on the purely scientific and/or rational basis you favour. But I personally have no problem with that. Just because someone is scientific, rational & educated doesn't stop them being a complete prat or more worthy of listening to in my opinion - nor the contrary.

If you wanted a particular issue voting for/against on the basis of your belief in scientific rationalism the challenge would be for you to convince sufficient numbers of voters in my constituency to raise it with me.

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