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Owen Smith is the Labour MP for Pontypridd. He entered Parliament at the 2010 general election, the previous MP, Kim Howells (Labour), having stood down.

Prior to being elected, Mr Smith worked in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry, latterly as a director and member of the UK and Ireland Board of Amgen[1].

Science Questions Response 2016

During the 2016 Labour leadership campaign, the group Scientists for Labour contacted the candidates with six questions on science and evidence based policy. Mr Smith's answers can he read at http://www.scientistsforlabour.org.uk/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=155:owen-smith-statement-on-science&catid=41:articles&Itemid=140

Humanist Questions Response 2016

During the 2016 Labour leadership campaign, the group Labour Humanists contacted the candidates with nine questions on secular and humanist issues. Mr Smith's answers can he read at http://labourhumanists.org.uk/2016/08/24/the-labour-leadership-election-owen-smiths-answers-to-our-questionnaire/

Same-Sex Marriage

Owen Smith voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at both its second reading in February 2013[2] and its third reading in May 2013[3].


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