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Neil Findlay is a Scottish Labour Party list MSP for the Lothian region. He entered the Scottish Parliament in 2011.


In 2012 a post on Mr Findlay's website reported that he was urging people submit a response to the NHS Lothian homeopathy consultation to "help protect and retain this service". He was quoted:

"Homeopathy is the latest service under threat at St Johns. It seems that a week can’t go by without us hearing of another service under threat. We need to protect local services not allow the Scottish Government and NHS Lothian to gradually dismantle them. I would urge people to respond the consultation."[1]


Prior to the 2014 Scottish Labour leadership election, Mr Findlay was contacted by Abortion Rights Committee Scotland in regards to his views on abortion. In his reply he stated:

I cannot imagine the anguish and the range of emotions that any woman goes through when faced with the decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy. It must be a heart-breaking choice which will affect that person for the rest of her life. The 1967 Abortion Act was a necessary piece of legislation we must never, ever return to the dark days of back street abortionists where women suffered and died in the grimmest and most desperate of conditions.[2]



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