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The National Health Action Party is a political party formed in 2012 to support "the original principles of the National Health Service" which it states as being[1]:

  • Public provision of good quality health and social care fairly to all members of the community, free at the time of need
  • A health service financed wholly from progressive contributions of citizens according to their ability to pay i.e. by a fair tax system.

Its co-leaders are Dr Richard Taylor and Dr Clive Peedell.

2015 General Election Manifesto

The 2015 Manifesto can be downloaded from:


From their website: "As we are a new party, we will not initially be providing detailed policy proposals on issues crossing the entire political spectrum, because these policies will need to be forged by our future membership. Our initial focus will be on healthcare, where we have most expertise."[1]

Evidence-based policy:

"In seeking to prevent further dismantling of the NHS and the erosion of its values and the public space, we will: ... Develop and promote policy based on good quality, research-based evidence."[1]
"The party’s elected representatives will not be subject to a party whip. However the aim is to maintain consensus about the NHS, social care and related matters amongst elected members. In areas of policy where the party has a collective position, detailed evidence-based briefing to inform decision-making will be provided before key votes. This may indicate the party’s preferred course(s) of action, but members will ultimately be free to vote according to their considered opinion and their conscience in the interests of their constituencies as a whole, if they consider that these diverge from the executive committee’s view."[2]


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