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Natalie McGarry was the MP for Glasgow East from 2015 until 2017. She was first elected as the SNP candidate, but resigned the party whip in November 2015 and did not stand for re-election in 2017.

Genetically Modified Crops

In August 2015, on the day that the SNP government confirmed[1] that it would be taking advantage of EU rules and not allowing GM crops to be grown in Scotland, Ms McGarry tweeted:

"Delighted with the Scottish Government approach to GM crops. Our food and drink industry is far too valuable to gamble with."[2]

Ayurvedic Medicine

In October 2016, Ms McGarry signed Early Day Motion 507: Celebration of First Ayurveda Day on 27 October 2016[3], which states a belief that "Ayurveda's integration into the NHS would ensure freedom of choice in healthcare for the populace; and calls on the Government to introduce an Ayurveda Chair." (Information about Ayurvedic medicine here.)



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