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Michelle O'Neill is a Sinn Féin member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for Mid Ulster.


In December 2008 Ms O'Neill chaired the Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety's questioning of representatives from the Faculty of Homeopathy, who presented evidence on NHS homeopathy services. Following the opening statement by Dr Gary Smyth of the Faculty of Homeopathy, Ms O'Neill commented: "Thank you very much for your highly informative presentation, Gary. Today — even at the lunchtime meeting — I have learnt a great deal about homeopathy that I did not know before." During the session she asked about regulation and the prevalence of unregulated homeopaths. She later asked "Is it OK for a patient to take conventional medication and homeopathic treatments together?"

Minutes: http://archive.niassembly.gov.uk/record/committees2008/HSSPS/081211_homeopathic.htm

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