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The Mayor of London is an elected position created in 2000. The Mayor and members of the London Assembly are accountable for the strategic government of Greater London. Elections are held every four years and use the supplementary vote system.

The current Mayor is Sadiq Khan (Labour), first elected to the post in 2016.

2016 Election

The election took place on Thursday 5th May 2016, alongside the London Assembly election, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly elections.

The turnout was 46%.


  1. Sadiq Khan (Labour)
  2. Zac Goldsmith (Conservative)
  3. Sian Berry (Green)
  4. Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat)
  5. Peter Whittle (UKIP)
  6. Sophie Walker (Women's Equality Party)
  7. George Galloway (Respect)
  8. Paul Golding (Britain First)
  9. Lee Eli Harris (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol)
  10. David Furness (BNP)
  11. Prince Zylinski (Independent)
  12. Ankit Love (One Love)


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