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Matthew Lobley was the Conservative candidate for Leeds North East in the 2010 General Election[1]. He currently represents the Roundhay ward in local government.


Matthew Lobley responded to the skeptical voter questionnaire on April 29th 2010 as follows:

I'm afraid I do not have time to answer all of your questions so I'll have to try to sum up instead. I'm afraid I have many hundred of people wanting answers to questions.

I support faith based schools but running a national curriculum that covers the theory of evolution.

I would want to know far more about animal testing before suggesting there should be more or less - this is a very complex field.

Government ministers make decisions based on all information provided to them, advisors should be heard (by ministers) and not seen (by the public). They can always step down if they are unhappy.

We need to protect freedom of speech and avoid becoming the libel capital of the world.


  1. Leeds City Council - Forthcoming Elections (pdf) 20th April 2010

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