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Martin Linton was the Labour MP for Battersea from 1997 until 2010 when he lost the seat to Jane Ellison (Conservative).


In May 2008 in the abortion amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (now Act), Martin Linton voted for the abortion time limit to be lowered to 22 weeks against scientific and medical consensus which is currently 24 weeks[1]. After four separate parliamentary votes on varying time limits, the majority of MPs voted to keep the abortion time limit at 24 weeks, in keeping with scientific and medical consensus, hence no abortion amendments were added to the bill.

MMR Vaccine

Martin Linton signed the February 2009 Early Day Motion 754: MMR Vaccine and the Media supporting the use of the MMR vaccine. The motion expressed disappointment with the reporting of the vaccine by Jeni Barnett on her LBC radio show in January 2009, and expressed the hope that future reporting of the issue of MMR would be less sensationalist and more evidence-based.[2]


In March 2010, following the publication of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's report "Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy", Martin Linton signed Early Day Motion 908: Science and Technology Committee Report on Homeopathy, which was critical of the report[3].

Climate Change

Linton has a page on climate change on his website[4], where he says:

"You might not believe it with this cold weather, but the sceptics are wrong, and climate change is a very real problem that we must face boldly, effectively and quickly."

Libel Law Reform

In response to an inquiry from a constituent about his stance on libel law reform and Early Day Motion 423, Linton wrote:

"Thank you for your email concerning the effects of the current libel laws. As an ex-journalist of many years myself this is something that is of concern to me to. I will be looking at the EDM and will let you know of my decision on whether to sign it or not and I will also look at the campaign by English PEN before deciding whether to back it."[5]

Some time later, in March 2010, Linton added his signature to the motion[6].



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