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Madeleine Moon is the Labour MP for Bridgend. She entered Parliament at the 2005 general election.

Chinese Medicine

Madeline Moon spoke at a reception at parliament to mark the 2008 Traditional Chinese Medicine Week. According to a report by the Chinese Embassy:

"Moon shared her personal story of how she formed ties with traditional Chinese medicine. Her husband once sprained his feet when doing shopping with her and couldn’t walk. They were so worried that they went to a nearby traditional Chinese medicine clinic for treatment. It was unexpected that he was able to walk after moments of acupuncture treatment, and the hurt location got better the following day. Moon believed people should adopt an open and welcome attitude to traditional Chinese medicine, and her husband’s experience is good evidence of the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine."[1]

The Skeptic's Dictionary clarifies acupuncture and the placebo effect: "While acupuncture was being promoted in the West as an ancient healing art that could cure just about anything, it was being banned in China and Japan. After the introduction of scientific medicine in those countries, efforts were made to stifle ancient medical superstitions and myths. [...] If acupuncture is beneficial on its own or as a complement to scientific treatment for any condition, it is so because of conditioning and placebo factors such as patient expectation and confidence in the treatment. It's also clear that sticking needles in people is irrelevant for acupuncture to work, but appearing to do so is apparently necessary for it to work."[2]


In May 2008 in the abortion amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (now Act), Madeleine Moon voted to keep the current time limit of 24 weeks in line with the scientific and medical consensus[3].

In May 2008, Moon signed Early Day Motion 1598: 24-Week Abortion Time Limit[4]. The motion "notes the findings of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's recent report Scientific Developments relating to the Abortion Act 1967, and its conclusion that below 24 weeks they `have seen no good evidence to suggest that the foetal viability has improved significantly since the abortion time-limit was last set, and seen some good evidence to suggest that it has not'". It further "believes that the best way to reduce the number of abortions is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by improving sex and relationships education, and improving access to effective contraception; and therefore supports women's access to safe legal abortion, within the current ethically and scientifically justified time-limit of 24 weeks."

Mitochondrial Donation

In February 2015 Madeleine Moon voted in favour of allowing mitochondrial donation, which would allow women who carried mitochondrial diseases to give birth to children who would not inherit the disease[5]. An October 2014 briefing report by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which had been investigating the issue for three years, stated that there was no evidence to show that mitochondrial donation was unsafe[6]. However, some religious groups had said that such procedures should not be allowed[7]. After clearing both Houses mitochondrial donation is now legal, regulated by the HFEA.

Same-Sex Marriage

Madeleine Moon voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at both its second reading in February 2013[8] and its third reading in May 2013[9].



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