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Luke Leighton was the Pirate Party Parliamentary candidate for South West Surrey in the 2010 general election.

Skeptical Voter Questionnaire Response 2010

hi folks, thanks for contacting me with these questions. some of the answers that i intend to give are as equally complex and possibly as contentious and controversial as the questions themselves. i therefore need some time to compose the replies. also: some of them, in particular questions 5 and 9, touch on areas of which i have no current knowledge. thus, i will need to do some research in order to answer.
also, please be aware that the pirate party candidates are free to make independent decisions and to hold to views which are nothing to do with the pirate party itself, as long as those decisions and views are nothing to do with the pirate party manifesto. this is an advantage to potential voters because they know that their views and concerns will be directly represented rather than "controlled by party whip".
thus, regarding questions 3, 4 and 10 which touch on areas covered by the pirate party manifesto (privacy, libel law etc.) i will consult with the pirate party and get back to you; regarding the other questions my answers will be my own.
lastly i would like to mention that i will be publishing the responses myself, in full. i wouldn't have it any other way that these matters be discussed in public.

Mr Leighton's answers (with some TODO placeholders) are available at:

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