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Kezia Dugdale is a Scottish Labour Party list MSP for the Lothian region. In August 2015 Ms Dugdale was elected Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.


Prior to the 2014 Scottish Labour Deputy Leadership election, Ms Dugdale was contacted by Abortion Rights Committee Scotland in regards to her views on abortion. In her reply she stated:

Please be assured that I strongly support a women's right to choose.
I am horrified by the reported statistic that, somewhere in the world, every 11 minutes a woman will die through a botched abortion.
I strongly share your concern for the women - and girls - put in danger through opposition to abortion services, some very close to home.
This is not simply a 'women's issue', but a human right. The provision of safe, legal and accessible services that ensure women’s lives are not put at risk are fundamental to this.
As with all rights, this has been hard won, and I share your concern too that it continues to be threatened nearly half a century on from the 1967 Abortion Act. It should never be restricted by religious belief or dogma, but led by evidence, as well as compassion for every woman facing the choice of having an abortion.
Legislation should therefore continue to be improved, and I agree that removing the need for two doctors' signatures would be a step to doing so.[1]



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