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Kate Hoey is the Labour MP for Vauxhall. She entered Parliament in 1989.


Kate Hoey was one of 206 MPs to sign the March 2007 Early Day Motion 1240 calling for the positive recognition of NHS homeopathic hospitals[1].

Food Supplements

A statement on food supplements on Hoey's website[2] reads:

I oppose the EU's directive that prohibits many of the food supplements that my constituents enjoy and find beneficial. I believe that they should be able to make up their own minds about whether to take these harmless supplements and that they should not be told from on high that they cannot.

In March 2010, Hoey proposed Early Day Motion 990: Save Our Supplements Campaign[3]. The motion stated:

That this House is proud to support Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) in its Save our Supplements, Time is Running Out campaign; salutes the persistent work of the CHC over many years in keeping the future availability of the humble vitamin pill high upon the political and parliamentary agenda; reaffirms its determination to defend the right of British consumers to have continued access to safe and proper food supplements of their choice; and urges the European Commission in the strongest possible terms to abandon plans for the imposition of maximum permitted levels for nutrients in food supplements which are already accepted as safe and appropriately labelled by the Food Standards Agency and which have a history of safe use, by millions of consumers, over many decades.

In June 2010, Hoey proposed Early Day Motion 146: Food Supplements Directive[4]. The motion stated:

That this House notes the setting of maximum permitted levels for vitamins and minerals in food supplements under the provisions of Article 5 of the Food Supplements Directive remains work in progress on the part of the European Commission; observes that millions of United Kingdom consumers have registered with their Members of Parliament their deep concern about the threat to the continued availability of many safe and popular higher potency supplements; further notes that industry has calculated that a restrictive interpretation of the legislation could lead to the closure of 700 health food stores and the loss of 4,000 jobs in the sector; further notes that the policy of the Conservative Party in the run up to the General Election was firm opposition to this measure and that of the Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State was strong support for the freedom of consumers to choose; and looks to the Ministers of the new Coalition Government to honour the commitments of their parties and ensure that no food supplements are removed from the UK market as a result of this burdensome measure.

Herbal Medicine

Ms Hoey contributed to a July 2013 debate on the regulation of herbal medicines: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm130709/halltext/130709h0001.htm#13070942000084

"I am a great believer in using not only herbal medicine, but natural products from our countryside. There are so many common-sense things that most of us grew up with—not necessarily only people brought up in the countryside but them in particular. If someone got stung by a nettle, they went immediately and looked for a docken leaf. We did all sorts of things naturally, and now, very few people seem to feel that that is what we should look to. I am afraid that vested interests are the reason for a lot of that. The pharmaceutical industry does not want to see it happening and would love to get rid of all health food shops."[5]


In May 2008 in the abortion amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (now Act), Kate Hoey voted to keep the current time limit of 24 weeks in line with the scientific and medical consensus[6].

Mitochondrial Donation

In February 2015 Kate Hoey voted against allowing mitochondrial donation, which would allow women who carried mitochondrial diseases to give birth to children who would not inherit the disease[7]. If allowed, mitochondrial donation would be regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) meaning that there would be ongoing assessment of the safety and efficacy of such procedures. An October 2014 briefing report by the HFEA, which had been investigating the issue for three years, stated that there was no evidence to show that mitochondrial donation was unsafe[8]. However, some religious groups had said that such procedures should not be allowed[9]. The majority of MPs voted in favour of allowing mitochondrial donation.

Climate Change

A statement on climate change on Hoey's website[10] reads:

I have worked with Lambeth Greenpeace to put pressure on the Government to introduce a Climate Change Bill and I am glad that one was announced in the Queen's Speech. It is important that we put into legislation targets for real reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. I am very pleased that the need for real action is now accepted widely - both in Government and among the public at large - because we must continue to take a lead in the world.

Libel Law Reform

In December 2009, Kate Hoey signed Early Day Motion 423 calling for a reform of the English libel law[11]. The motion noted that human rights activists, scientists, writers and journalists are currently prevented from publishing, and the public prevented from reading, matters of strong public interest due to the chilling effect of the law.

The motion was tabled following the recent formation of Libel Reform Coalition, which has the backing of Index on Censorship, English PEN and Sense about Science. Sense about Science have been campaigning in defense of a member of its board of trustees, author and journalist Simon Singh, who has been sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association. They issued a statement entitled "The law has no place in scientific disputes".

Science Funding

In October 2010, Kate Hoey signed Early Day Motion 767: Science is Vital Campaign. The motion stated that the house "believes that continued investment in research is vital in order to meet the technological and social challenges of the 21st century, and to continue to attract high-tech industries to invest here; further believes that large cuts to science funding are a false economy, due to evidence that research investment fuels economic growth".[12]

Same-Sex Marriage

Kate Hoey voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at both its second reading in February 2013[13] and its third reading in May 2013[14].


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