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Jim Allister is the leader of Traditional Unionist Voice, and a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for North Antrim. He was previously a DUP MEP, but lost the seat when standing for re-election under the TUV banner.

Caleb Foundation

In a 2012 article in the Belfast Telegraph on the fundamentalist Christian group the Caleb Foundation, Mr Allister was quoted as saying:

"I'm generally supportive of their issues. Yes, I would not mind being described as that (a supporter of the Caleb Foundation).
"I would have met with them from time to time... to discuss political issues with a religious tinge.
"I'm also not uncritical of them. I have had issue where they take a very commendable stand on a number of moral issues, but they shy away... from the moral issue of whether it is right to have convicted terrorists in the government."[1]

However they do not state what question he was responding to when he said this.



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