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Jackie Baillie is a Scottish Labour MSP for Dumbarton. She entered the Scottish Parliament at its creation in 1999.

Alcohol Pricing

In January 2010, Baillie was quoted in media reports as being opposed to a proposal for minimum alcohol unit pricing. However she still apparently wanted a commission to "consider ways of restricting cheap booze and tackling alcohol abuse"[1].

A look at the evidence by a blogger in July 2010 concluded that "minimum alcohol pricing is supported by evidence from health and epidemiological research, and is in fact evidence-based policy"[2].

Alternative Medicine

In February 2011, in the Scottish Parliament, Baillie asked Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, "what steps [the Scottish Executive] has taken since 2007 to support access to alternative therapies and with what outcomes."[3]


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