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Hanzala Malik is a Scottish Labour MSP for the Glasgow region. He entered the Scottish Parliament at the 2011 general election.


In June 2015, as a member of the Public Petitions Committee, Mr Malik was present at the presentation and discussion of a petition to the Scottish Government in support of the NHS Centre for Integrative Care (CIC) in Glasgow, and opposing the reluctance of health boards to refer patients to the CIC[1]. The CIC offers therapies including anthroposophic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and mistletoe therapy[2]. During the presentation, Mr Malik said "We ought to support the petition" and appeared to be concerned that the falling support for the CIC was an effort to cut costs. Wondering if cuts were an effort to make the service look less popular, so that it could be shut down, he stated "I am very interested to get figures from before and after the cuts to see what effect the cuts have had on the service. We could also perhaps find out from the health boards why they are not sending patients to the centre and what the advantage—or disadvantage—is of not sending them" and "I would not want to see a good service go under because some bureaucrat somewhere has made a decision."[1]


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