Early Day Motion 908: Science and Technology Committee Report on Homeopathy

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Early Day Motion 908: Science and Technology Committee Report on Homeopathy was an Early Day Motion proposed by David Tredinnick on 23rd February 2010.

The motion stated:

"That this House expresses concern at the conclusions of the Science and Technology Committee's Report, Evidence Check on Homeopathy; notes that the Committee took only oral evidence from a limited number of witnesses, including known critics of homeopathy Tracy Brown, the Managing Director of Sense About Science, and journalist Dr Ben Goldacre, who have no expertise in the subject; believes that evidence should have been heard from primary care trusts that commission homeopathy, doctors who use it in a primary care setting, and other relevant organisations, such as the Society of Homeopaths, to provide balance; observes that the Committee did not consider evidence from abroad from countries such as France and Germany, where provision of homeopathy is far more widespread than in the UK, or from India, where it is part of the health service; regrets that the Committee ignored the 74 randomised controlled trials comparing homeopathy with placebo, of which 63 showed homeopathic treatments were effective, and that the Committee recommends no further research; further notes that 206 hon. Members signed Early Day Motion No. 1240 in support of NHS homeopathic hospitals in Session 2006-07; and calls on the Government to maintain its policy of allowing decision-making on individual clinical interventions, including homeopathy, to remain in the hands of local NHS service providers and practitioners who are best placed to know their community's needs."



The Science and Technology Committee's report "Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy" was published 22nd February 2010. It can be read on the parliament.uk website: HTML and PDF

Steven Novella on The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast described the Committee's report as "really spot-on in just so many ways, it's shocking": http://theskepticsguide.org/archive/podcastinfo.aspx?mid=1&pid=241

Skeptical blogger Andy Lewis, "Le Canard Noir", has posted a point-by-point rebuttal of the claims made in EDM 908: http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2010/03/mp-david-tredinnick-is-wrong-about-the-homeopathy-report.html

Researcher, science writer and skeptic Martin Robbins looked at the evidence presented to the Committee by the British Homeopathic Association, and concluded that much of the science did not show what the BHA claimed that it showed: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/2010/feb/04/homeopathic-association-evidence-commons-committee

List of signatories

The motion was signed by 70 MPs:


Closed/Withdrawn Signatures

The following MPs signed, but their signatures were subsequently withdrawn: