Early Day Motion 742: Faith Based Adoption Agencies

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Early Day Motion 742: Faith Based Adoption Agencies was an Early Day Motion proposed by Richard Younger-Ross on 25th January 2007.

The motion stated:

"That this House recognises the unique contribution made by faith based adoption agencies in placing children in caring families and that many such agencies provide support for life for the child and family; believes that the Equality Act 2006, if applied to them, would jeopardise their funding and therefore their work; and calls on the Government to exclude them from this Act."



According to Richard Younger-Ross:

"The Catholic Church and others have spent a long time investing in and raising money for adoption facilities. That fundraising enables them to care for the child and family not just up to 16, but for life. It's quite a unique service.
The real danger is that these adoption agencies might be forced to consider gay couples and then religious people will not donate. Then you will end up with no funding.
Gay people will not be able to go these agencies because they won't exist."

Fellow Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris called the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church "sordid" and accused them of blackmail.[1]

List of signatories

The motion was signed by 41 MPs:



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