Early Day Motion 2708: Science Education

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Early Day Motion 2708: Science Education was an Early Day Motion proposed by Graham Stringer MP on 11th October 2006.

The motion stated:

"That this House shares the concerns of the British Centre for Science Education that the literature being sent to every school in the United Kingdom by the creationist religious group Truth in Science is full of scientific mistakes and fails to disclose the group's creationist beliefs and objectives; and urges all schools to treat this literature with extreme caution."



The motion was proposed following a high profile article in the Guardian newspaper warning that the Creationist group 'Truth in Science' had sent learning packs to UK schools promoting the creationist alternative to Darwinian evolution, Intelligent Design.

The DVDs were produced in America and feature figures linked to the Discovery Institute in Seattle, a thinktank that has made concerted efforts to promote ID and insert it into high school science lessons in the US.

Leading scientists have consistently condemned attempts to teach Intelligent Design alongside established scientific theories, as Intelligent Design is seen to have no scientific basis. ID literature was discovered to be rebranded Creationist material during a 2005 landmark court case in Pennsylvania, and the movement was henceforth barred from promoting its case in local classrooms after a US federal judge ruled that the efforts displayed "breathtaking inanity".[1]


In a response to the motion, Jim Knight, a minister in the Department for Education and Skills, wrote: "Neither intelligent design nor creationism are recognised scientific theories and they are not included in the science curriculum." [2]

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The motion was signed by 45 MPs.



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