Early Day Motion 2052: Climate Change

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Early Day Motion 2052: Climate Change was an Early Day Motion proposed by Alun Michael on 14th October 2009.

The motion stated:

"That this House believes that climate change poses a serious threat to all; welcomes the Prime Minister's pledge to lead the UK delegation to Copenhagen this December; acknowledges the urgent need for a fair, ambitious and binding agreement there; notes that industrialised countries are most responsible for causing climate change with more capacity to respond to it; recognises that they must provide the necessary finance for developing countries to develop cleanly and adapt to climate change; understands that industrialised countries must make ambitious cuts in their own emissions; calls on the Government to reject new unabated coal power, to urge the EU to commit to at least 40 per cent. cuts below 1990 levels in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 and to immediately raise significant finance for developing countries by providing at least 35 billion euros annually by 2020, additional to aid and carbon market finance funding, and which rests within the authority of the United Nations; and further calls on the Government to commit itself now to meet the UK's share of these targets and resources."


List of signatories

The motion was signed by 109 MPs: