Early Day Motion 1134: Scientific Research

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Early Day Motion 1134: Scientific Research was an Early Day Motion proposed by Ian Gibson MP on 14th March 2007.

The motion stated:

"That this House welcomes the substantial investment into science and research made by the Government over the past 10 years, which has reflected the important contribution research makes to the UK's productivity and growth; congratulates Breast Cancer Campaign on its document `Science for life', recognising the need for a substantial and speedy improvement in the salary, job security and career progression of scientific researchers; recognises that a higher status needs to be given to science and research in order to retain the best researchers in the UK; and calls on the Government to address the recommendations in `Science for life' to ensure that the UK maintains a reliable supply of talented, experienced and motivated scientific researchers and that the Government makes the best use of the Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004 to 2014."


List of signees

The motion was signed by 117 MPs.