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The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is the larger of the two main unionist political parties in Northern Ireland. It is currently lead by Arlene Foster.

In 2010 the BCSE highlighted party links with Christian fundamentalist group The Caleb Foundation:

In September 2012 The Belfast Telegraph looked at The Caleb Foundation and its influence on Northern Ireland politics:

Current MPs

(See also: Category:DUP MPs)

Name Constituency
Gregory Campbell East Londonderry
Nigel Dodds Belfast North
Jeffrey M. Donaldson Lagan Valley
Paul Girvan South Antrim
Emma Little Pengelly Belfast South
Ian Paisley North Antrim
Gavin Robinson Belfast East
Jim Shannon Strangford
David Simpson Upper Bann
Sammy Wilson East Antrim

2015 General Election Manifesto

The 2015 Manifesto can be downloaded from:

The Carbon Brief on climate & energy:

Stance on Skeptical Issues


In 2007, DUP MP David Simpson raised questions with the Northern Ireland Assembly's Education Minister, Caitríona Ruane, on the availability of materials and resources for schools wishing to teach alternative scientific theories to evolution. Simpson also asked for an assurance that pupils who answer exam questions outlining creationist views will not be marked lower than pupils who give answers with an evolutionist explanation. Separate from this, DUP councillor Paul Givan proposed that Lisburn council write to schools encouraging them to teach "intelligent design". Following these events a spokesman for the DUP confirmed that both Givan and Simpson's views were in keeping with party policy.[1]

An article about creationism in the DUP and in Northern Ireland is available on the BCSE's website[2].



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