Clydesdale (Scottish Parliament)

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Clydesdale is a Scottish Parliament constituency in the South Scotland electoral region.

The current MSP is Aileen Campbell (SNP) who took the seat from Karen Gillon (Labour) at the 2011 general election.

2011 General Election

Results of the May 2011 general election were:

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
SNP Aileen Campbell 14,931 49.9 +16.1
Scottish Labour Karen Gillon 10,715 35.8 -1.6
Scottish Conservative Colin McGavigan 4,291 14.3 -5.4
Majority 4,216 14.1
Turnout 29,937 52.3 +760
SNP gain from Scottish Labour Swing +8.9

The Scottish Liberal Democrats failed to enter their candidate (Fraser Grieve?) due to an administrative error.

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