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Catharine Arakelian was the 2010 Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green.

Skeptical Voter Questionnaire Response

1. Do you support the use of NHS money to provide unproven health products such as homeopathy?

The relationship between mind and body in health and well-being is not fully understood. Treatments may be therapeutic without biological intervention cf CBT.

2. Should schools be allowed to teach creationism as an equivalent theory to evolution?

They are two separate systems of thought so equivalence is not possible.

3. Do you believe that religious belief should be legally protected from ridicule?

No. But people should be protected from being the victims of race and religious persecution.

4. Should an independent government adviser whose views in their area of expertise conflict with government policy be able to express those views publicly?


5. Should religious courts such as Sharia and Beth Din be recognised as alternative systems within UK law?


6. Do you agree that testing on animals (within strict criteria) is a necessary part of the development of medicines?

Regretfully, at present yes. Hopefully we will soon be able to replace animal testing with other more valid tests on human tissue etc and be able to phase out animal testing within maybe 10 years.

7. Should policy-makers trust scientific evidence even when it appears counter-intuitive?

Asking for blind trust in science suggests that the evidence has not been adequately explained.

8. Do you think that abortion time limits should always be determined by the current scientific and medical consensus?

Abortion is too complex to be reduced to merely a scientific or biological question.

9. Should religious leaders be entitled to vote in the House of Lords?

Not because they are religious leaders. Wisdom and understanding is valuable whatever the field it is gained in. Even science cannot see into the future yet.

10. Do you support the reform of English and Welsh libel law to allow a stronger 'public interest' defence?

There are important changes to be made to the libel laws across all jurisdictions.
Please note these are personal views not party lines and should be published as such.

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