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Caroline Allen is a Green Party candidate for the London constituency in the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Humanist Hustings

Ms Allen was one of the candidates at the London Humanist Hustings ahead of the May 2014 European Parliament elections. She answered questions on topics including fracking, clinical trials, multinational companies, same-sex marriage, women's rights and secular government. Coverage at: and Ms Allen's blog post on the event:

Animal Experimentation

In an April 2014 blog post, Ms Allen was "proud to launch the Green Party's Animal Manifesto for the Euro elections". Amongst other things (battery farming, bovine TB in Badgers etc.) she noted under the heading "Action on animal experimentation": "The ban on animal testing for cosmetics was a great victory, but it's just the start for Greens, who are calling for an end to all animal testing and are pushing for EU funds to be used to develop the alternatives"[1]. The full manifesto says "immediate action must be taken to … stop non-medical experiments"[2].



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