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Calum Cashley was a 2011 Scottish National Party Scottish Parliamentary regional list candidate for Lothian. In 2010 he was a UK Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith.


I e-mailed Calum Cashley some of the ten questions on 14 April 2010, and received the following response two days later.

I'll be a bit cheeky and just reply in short if I may and you can ask me for further details on anything you want to know more about

Do you support the use of public funds to provide unproven alternative health products such as homeopathy?


Do you believe that testing on animals (within strict criteria) is a necessary part of the development of medicines?


What are your views on creationism and should schools be allowed to teach it as an equivalent theory to evolution?

It's not the equivalent of evolution and shouldn't be taught as an alternative nor an equivalent.

Do you believe that religious belief should be legally protected from ridicule?


Should an independent government adviser whose views in their area of expertise conflict with government policy be able to express those views publicly without fear of being sacked?


Should policy-makers trust scientific evidence even when it appears counter-intuitive?

They should give the same weight to scientific evidence whether it runs with or counter to everyone's favourite friend 'common sense'. It shouldn't be treated as being absolute as many politicians treat it (being charitable we could consider that they just don't understand the nature of scientific evidence) but it should be treated with the same respect whether it supports or opposes the political view. Politicians have to weigh other things in the balance and may not side with the scientific evidence in all cases but that's a matter of judgement.

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