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Bridget Fox was the 2010 Liberal Democrat Party Parliamentary candidate for Islington South and Finsbury.

"In summary I'm a liberal Christian, pro-science and pro evidence-based policy." Twitter response to @vwoodstock (1330 on 28/04/2010).[1]


From 29/3/10 Twitter response to @MedTek (collated):

"I'm sceptical about h'pathy but know folk who claim it helps them. Therefore felt S&T c'ttee bit 1sided. H'pathy cheap & harmless but not a priority for NHS funding, needs tight limits on funding. It's a talking therapy not pharmacological one. I understand desire to drive out folly but as libs we should tolerate a bit of harmless folly. It's non-invasive, cheap. Would classify it as on a par with massage as something to complement med treatment eg morale boost for folk on chemo, dialysis, not a cure. Your view?"[2][3][4][5]

Libel Reform

Indicated via Twitter that she is in favour of libel reform.[6][7]



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