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Brian Paddick was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London in 2008 and 2012. He was previously Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the London Metropolitan Police.

Illegal Drugs

Police Cannabis Pilot Scheme

In 2001 Paddick was involved in the introduction of a scheme in Brixton/Lambeth to deal with possession of small amounts of cannabis informally. Although not the only person involved in starting the scheme it became associated with him in the press.

In 2002, Paddick wrote that the policy was "working", blaming the fuss caused by the policy on a "number of myths" and trying to look at the reality behind the myths[1]. The pilot was seen as a precursor to the (temporary) reclassification of cannabis to class C.

Drugs Policy

Article from 2012:

LGBT Rights

At the Liberal Democrat party conference in 2010, the party backed a motion to allow same-sex and mixed-sex couples to choose whether they wish to have a marriage or civil partnership, and to allow gay couples to have a church wedding. Paddick, who married his male partner in Oslo, stated:

"We are married. It is important. Yet we are only married in Norway. Here it reverts to a civil partnership and that doesn't feel the same at all.
"Yes, we have to be sensitive to religions and what they feel on this issue, and we are not talking necessarily about forcing religions to marry same-sex people in their synagogues and churches and temples.
"But what we are saying is that there should be equality. If I want to marry my same-sex partner then I should be allowed to do that."[2]


During the 2008 mayoral election campaign, Mr Paddick was interviewed by Premier Christian Radio. It was reported in the Christian press[3] that he stated he had had an evangelical-style Christian conversion during his time in the police force.

Also during the 2008 campaign, Brian Paddick, Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Alan Craig took part in hustings organised by the Evangelical Alliance, with the candidates trying to gain votes from the Christian community. Asked about why he was representing the Liberal Democrats rather than en explicitly Christian party, Mr Paddick was quoted as saying that "It is vitally important that Christians are proud of what they believe in and try to influence their parties. We need strong Christian voices within the mainstream parties - so that the Christian voice is heard in the mainstream."[4]

Typically during his campaigning Mr Paddick has not placed great emphasis either on his religion or on religious issues.


  4.; mainstream report from these hustings: (behind a paywall)

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