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Andrew Lomas was the 2010 Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Wycombe.

Lomas is currently doing a PhD looking at cancer biology and the design of new anti-cancer drugs[1].

The Nutt Affair and Evidence-Based Policy

In a blog post of 31st October 2009 titled "The denigration of science for political expediency is wrong"[2], Lomas tackled the sacking of Professor David Nutt from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. He wrote that it "casts aspersions on the role of scientists in informing public policy if evidence-based approaches are jettisoned in favour of spurious morality judgements."


On 23rd February 2010, following the publication of The Science and Technology Committee's report on homeopathy, Lomas posted on Twitter:

So, we're all agreed; homeopathy is a stinking pile of uselessness and it beggar's belief that the NHS ever funded it in the 1st place.[3]

In a Twitter post of 2nd March 2010, Lomas called the pro-homeopathy Early Day Motion 908 "The most idiotic EDM ever"[4].

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