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Alex Neil is the Scottish National Party MSP for Airdrie and Shotts. Prior to the 2011 general election he was a list MSP for the Central Scotland region. From September 2012 until November 2014 Mr Neil was Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing. He is currently Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights.

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

Mr Neil, quoted on his own website, September 2004:

"Before we held this meeting I was already committed to fighting to keep the Homeopathic Hospital open. However, after hearing the first hand accounts of some of the patients and their families I can say that my commitment is even greater now."
"One woman described how the hospital had given her, her life back. This woman is in almost constant chronic pain and she feels that without the hospital she might not even be alive today, such is the pressure she is put under. And yet the Glasgow Health Board seek to deny this woman and all others who may benefit from the wonderful work this hospital does the chance to receive treatment there in the future."
"Another campaigner described how he felt the decision to close by the Health Board is tantamount to theft. When you hear the accounts of these people and the staff at the hospital it is hard to disagree with that analysis.”
"The Homeopathic Hospital is a centre of excellence in our NHS, and these are few and far between as it is, let alone without closing it down. We as a country should be investing more resources into this area of medicine not making cut backs."
"I am totally committed to keeping the hospital open. It is used by people all over Scotland, not just Glasgow itself, and I know many of my constituents are angry that it is threatened. We must keep the fight against the closure going and try to ensure the hospital has a long-term future."[1]

In November 2013, speaking as Health Secretary:

"I am absolutely determined not only that we keep the centre for integrative care open, but that we also continue to develop its services because I believe it has a significant contribution to make to healthcare not only in Glasgow but across Scotland."[2]


In 2012, shortly after being appointed Health Secretary, Mr Neil indicated that he personally believed the current 24-week abortion limit should be reduced[3]. Note that currently (2014) the Scottish Parliament does not have powers to set abortion limits.



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