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Alex Easton is a DUP Northern Ireland Assembly Member for North Down. He stood as the DUP candidate in North Down in the 2015 UK general election.


In December 2008 Mr Easton sat as a member of the Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety in their questioning of representatives from the Faculty of Homeopathy, who presented evidence in favour of NHS homeopathy services. During the questioning the following exchange took place:

Mr Easton: Thank you for your interesting presentation. I suffer from hay fever; have you any suggestions as to what will help me?
Dr Fisher (London Homeopathic Hospital): We wrote a review for the World Health Organization. We looked at all the clinical trials, and the strongest evidence in favour of homeopathy is its effect on seasonal allergic rhinitis, which is otherwise known as hay fever. Homeopathic treatments work on hay fever.
Mr Easton: I will talk to you later.[1]

Mr Easton then asked if there had been an official response to his proposal for the establishment of a homeopathic service in Nothern Ireland, and how much this proposal would cost.



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