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Alasdair Hill is the 2015 Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hendon.

Mr Hill is a secondary school biology teacher. He studied Tropical Environmental Science at the University of Aberdeen and did postgraduate study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has published work on early-stage novel anti-malarial drug discoveries. He turned to teaching due to "A desire to inspire children into the sciences (especially biology)".[1]

Non-Stunned Slaughter

In February 2015 Alasdair Hill and Jonathan Davies published a joint letter on animal slaughter practices:

Next Monday parliament debates the proposed ban on non-stunned slaughter practises in Britain. This will effectively ban religious slaughter and see the end of Kosher and some Halal meat production in the country. We fully support the right for individuals to follow rituals that are central to their faith and community, and which stand as a defining custom in their way of life. The Jewish Shechita involves a procedure in which the animal is simultaneously stunned and killed and is carried out by highly trained specialists.
It is simply inconceivable that in a liberal democracy communities should have their fundamental right to follow religious custom denied. Nick Clegg has recently stated that; "The Liberal Democrats have never adopted any policy that threatens the right to shechita, and it is my intention that we never shall." As Liberal Democrats we defend this right and do not support the attack on the values of the communities in the celebrated diversity that we have here in Barnet.[2]



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