Skeptical Voters believe that evidence should be at the centre of all public policy making. This site intends to identify which parliamentary candidates embrace the use of evidence as a means to inform their decisions and which prefer to obfuscate, ignore or suppress the evidence for political convenience.

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Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone for the interest and support you have given us so far. We'll look through all the Endorsements you sent us and will pick a few representatives to put on the site. Also, we're hugely impressed and grateful for how well the Wiki is turning out already, even only after a few weeks of opening. This is a great start and something I hope will only get more useful as we go on.

Welcome to Skeptical Voter

Hello, and welcome to Skeptical Voter, a new website where we aim to discover and catalogue the political positions of Members of Parliament and candidates in next general election, specifically with regard with issues that 'Skeptical' people are interested in. These include the attitude of candidates to evidence-based policy, the role of the libel laws in science, and the teaching of creationism in schools.

Survey Questions

Which policy areas do you really care about that would benefit from an evidence-based approach? Would you be interested in tracking your MP's (or potential MP's) views on the importance of evidence in drug policy, healthcare, crime, education for example? Please add your comments below.

Assuming that there will be 646 seats in the House of Commons up for grabs at the next election ( then, even if we only track the main three parties, that's 1,938 candidates whose opinions on evidence-based policy that we wish to track and perhaps 1,292 candidates with no recent voting record to examine. This means that we will have to settle for gathering survey data from potential candidates so we could really use some help in showing politicians that it is worth their while to respond. The more constituents who show an interest, the easier it will be to get a useful response so please register your interest on our Pledge Support contact page.

Thank you!

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